Microsoft Services

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Customer Data Platform

Provide the Customer Data Platform for insights on transactional, behavioral and Demographic Data.

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Engage customer to demonstrate design, predict and deliver the right strategies through customized marketing in real time.

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Use sales to get new buyers and close the deals. User personal and Customer management to target segments.

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Customer Feedback

Collect and analyze the feedback of the customers and
engage your customers. With the software, we can listen
to the customer, and connect data with the organization
to maximize the insights for more connections. Engage with the customer for more engagements.

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Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps increase organization agility, transform employees, and discover more workforce insights. It reduces the organization's complexity to achieve the job, hierarchy and job descriptions. It gives the HCM feature for the unique requirements of the workforce. It helps in transforming employee experiences including career skills and certifications.

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Power Platform

The Microsoft Power Platform gives a unique set of tools to facilitate good business decisions and visual analytics reports. Some tools are Power BI, Power Apps, Business apps with Azure SQL, and GitHub Actions.

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Artificial Intelligence(AI)

Using logic and different algorithms AI simulates the reasoning of new information and process. Machine Learning is a subset of AI, that processes new information and takes action based on the decisions. Data Science and AI are being used for taking major decisions for the stakeholders. They are replacing the repeating jobs so that it makes the process & life easier.

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Cloud Migration and modernization

The migration from on-premises to Cloud is prevalent across the industry. Architecting and taking a holistic approach towards moving to the Cloud helps with efficiency, agility, and scaling up for the workloads in the Cloud.

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Data and Analytics

Data Engineer, Data Scientist to analyze, clean and make the data meaningful to get the predictive model based Azure Data Lake is the platform best suited for Big Data analytics. It gives the capabilities to on the data.

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Internet of Things

The Azure IoT is the carefully managed cloud services which can control billions of IoT devices and help develop an intelligent edge to Cloud solutions.

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Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

Dynamics 365 applications help reduce fraud and help manage finances effectively. They help to build project-centric solution in one solution and helps collaborate and provide insights to the business to drive payments to profits.

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Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management provides retailers, distributors and manufacturers with the intelligence required to move to more of a proactive operations model. It helps in the predictive analysis of market leveraging from IoT and AI.

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Microsoft Azure

To building, managing and everything from managing apps to building apps. To create cross-platform mobile experience like.

Azure App services , Azure Machine Learning , Azure Cognitive Services You can create workloads, Hosts domain and deploy the tools faster with DevOps tools Azure Functions Azure DevOps Azure Logic Apps.

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